For your liberty!
James Eyer
Candidate for U.S. Congress District 9

Position Statement: Cuba

Whether or not the U.S. embargo on Cuba was appropriate in the past, the rationale for the embargo is based on conditions that no longer exist. Cuba is certainly no "strategic" threat to the U.S., in fact it is hardly a threat at all.

The present drivers of the policy seem to be dominated by political calculations, possible effects on elections, emotions, and the U.S. government's emphasis on vilification of evil world leaders, and a spiritual calling to promote U.S.-style democracy.

However effective a containment and punishment policy may have been in the past, any remaining effectiveness will only dwindle as support for the policy declines further.

Furthermore, it is not obvious that the embargo has done anything but limit the positive influence on Cuba that is possible via exchange of goods and ideas among open societies.

According to the CATO Institute: "Interviews with leading dissidents [in Cuba]...reveal a preference for engagement with the United States and little support for maintaining the embargo. Moreover, many dissidents oppose proposed U.S. legislation that would provide aid to human rights and other activists in Cuba because it would compromise their independence and legitimacy."

The trade and travel embargo on Cuba should be ended immediately and the U.S. government should not provide aid to dissidents in Cuba nor should it restrict private money flows to or from Cuba.

rev 7/9/04